Total Party!

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On our way out for a drink…

She says, “I want your cum in me when I sit at the bar…pleeaaaase.”

I grab her by the hair and lead her to our bed. “Take those clothes off and present your pussy to me.”

She does. Face down, ass up…because she knows I like it. “Use me, daddy. Use my pussy.”

"Good girl. Do you remember what daddy likes?"

"Yes, daddy…" She reaches back to spread her ass open. I spit on her tight asshole and press in my thumb. She tenses. She doesn’t like it, but she knows I do. She lives to serve. "Thank you, daddy."

I’m rough, because I want her to be sensitive while we’re out. I want her to squirm around on her chair trying to get comfortable after being used. I am hitting the back of her; she wants to cry out but doesn’t. She wants to be a good girl for me more than she cares about the pain.

"Cum in my pussy, daddy!" She moans over and over and over until I give her what she wants. She passed out right away, full of cum, happy to have been useful.

I still didn’t get that drink.

— 3 days ago